Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chess Recorder

What is yNotate Chess Recorder

yNotate is a Chess game recording application for the Google Android phones. It records your chess moves in PGN format while you move the chess pieces using your mobile phone's touch screen or trackball. Once the game is recorded, you can save/replay the game to/from your mobile device or email it for further analysis. Also you can import and export chess notations in PGN format for further analysis

Demo Video:

y Notate?
I was looking for a simple & affordable mobile chess notations recording application for me and my kids to enhance our chess skills. Since I didn't find any, I created one for the Goodle Android platform. Main features of this application are:

a) Chess moves/notations are recorded and replayed correctly
b) Compliance with USCF rules for electronic Chess scoresheet
c) Import/Export of Chess notations from/to mobile phones SD card

yNotate application does NOT contain a Chess engine since USCF/FIDE rules prohibhit use of chess engine in electronic scorekeeping device


- Record chess moves in PGN format using touchscreen or trackball
- Send game result as PGN attachment by Email. Since notations are in PGN, it can be replayed in popular tool like Fritz
- Replay games on the Mobile phone
- View notations in PGN format, including time taken for each move
- Allows games to be recorded in Practice or Tournament mode
- Option to enable/disable Chess rules
- Import/Export PDN

Tournament mode is designed to comply with USCF regulation for certification of an electronic scoresheet

Guidelines for certification of an electronic scoresheet

Supported platforms
Runs on all Google (Android) phones with API level 3 and above - Android O/S 1.5 and above


Why does it say somteimes Invalid move when I make a legal move?

In touchscreen mode, application recognizes the selection only when the button receives the touch event. Sometimes the button doesn't receive the event if the touch is on an adjacent button where the move would be illegal. If your device supports a trackball, please verify by clicking on the trackball. If you still see issues, please let me know.

Feedback (as posted on the device)

"Useful app, does what it says and works nicely. Great work dev! Please add feature to import saved pgn files from SD card and will be perfect!"

"Nice app! I like the time spent per move feature for recording OTB games." -Joe

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